Friday, April 10, 2009

Dead is Dead

I know, I know ... the smoke monster looked kinda cheesy flashing pictures of Ben's past in front of him like "This is Your Life" - island edition. But in hindsight I loved it. It was perfect because it proves something I've held to for some time now: TPTB don't take any of this too seriously. And thank God!

I think you can equate this to the new Star Wars movies. I'll admit, I actually enjoyed them, unlike most. But everyone can agree that they were missing the fun and frivolity of the original episodes. And they suffered as a result from choppy dialogue and lack of spontaneity from an otherwise talented group of actors.

I mean, just look how much fun Michael Emerson has on this show!

This guy's just chewing up the scenery and it is amazing for this aspiring actor to watch. Was ever a more enjoyable line of dialogue uttered than when a focused Ben, having recently spoken with a resurrected John Locke, asked the Ajira passengers if they needed help? Politely refusing his charity, Ben replies, "Have a nice day!" The unexpected enthusiasm with which Emerson delivers that line made me giddy. Yeah, I said giddy.

Moving on, I think "Dead is Dead" was a major stride forward in the overall stroy arc of the series. Ben's dead daughter Alex - looking pretty sexy for a corpse - admonished him to refrain from killing Locke AGAIN(!) because she knew he was considering it. This begs the question: will Ben be able to swallow his pride and follow Locke's every command? Even more, will Locke be a kinder, gentler leader than Ben and treat him with the respect he was never shown the first time around? I hope "yes", but I fear "no". Locke seemed pretty cocky about his newfound power and seemed to enjoy rubbing it in Ben's face. Can John Locke be the bigger man?

Other observations:
  • I think there is little doubt the mythology of the show is mired in Egypt. Quick! Somebody decipher the heiroglyphics in the temple!
  • The picture on the wall above Smokie's grate (home?) was of Anubis, the Egyptian god of the dead. Significance? It has been argued eloquently by many that the statue is also of Anubis.
  • "What lies in the shadow of the statue?" My guess is Jughead. Maybe the Frozen Donkey Wheel?
  • Is Ceaser really dead?

That's all I got. Long live Penelope Widmore.

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