Saturday, January 17, 2009

The decline of the quasi-empire (a 21st century self-portrait)

Here it comes
The urge to turn off and breathe through my mouth until the sun sets and I finally brush my teeth

If Nietzsche posed his question properly, then "Is man God's one mistake or is God man's one mistake" suddenly becomes a vibrant debate for kids who put down the hula hoop and started whoring so they could get enough money together to buy their PS3s or Prada bags or college educations.

I sit and think and turn my head into cinnamon and spice oatmeal but for why? Do I not expend energy when I do this and am I not a gigantic fat piece of shit that can afford to sit around and expend energy that the world can't afford to lose because of a self-righteous, self-entitled white guy who knows just how to fix your problems?

Here it comes
The urge to turn off and sing a song to cloud my mind

This is all just an exercise in futility, isn't it? I can't bring anything new to you if you don't know I exist! I can't do what God wants because God is dead. He died more than 2,000 years ago and He ain't never comin' back 'cause He don't want no part of our nonsense.

Show me God and I'll show you a fool showing me what he thinks is God but is really just a figment of society's meta-spiritual mind. Show me God and I'll show you. You'll see.

Here it comes
The urge to offend so deeply that physical pain is befriended by a new companion: anger.

Did you ever stop to think that maybe YOU'RE God? You have as much time and space as you need to prove me wrong. Remember, your argument will absolutely contain preconceived notions that themselves can't be proven.

You will lose, God.

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