Saturday, October 25, 2008

Please allow me to spread the truth

The other day someone says to me, "No way I vote for Obama because he is definitely going to raise taxes." Huh. Interesting.
I respond: "Well, he does want to raise taxes on people who make more than $250,000 a year, but us little guys will be fine."

They get furious. "BULLSHIT!!! He is going to tax the shit out of everyone because that's what he is - a tax and spend liberal!"

And that's when I just walk away. Because how can you argue against someone like that? Here's the thing: the American government has grown more under President Bush than any other president in history. It has gotten bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger. A Republican did that!

Here's another thing ... Douglas Holtz-Eakin, John McCain's chief economic advisor, admits that McCain WILL HAVE to raise taxes if elected. Holy shit!! Why isn't McCain telling the truth about this, you ask?

"It's the brand ... and you don't dilute the brand," Holtz-Eakin said, referring to the antiquated belief that conservatives are for less taxes and more Jesus Christ all up in my grill.

Does any of this matter, however? I think is does. When Joe Biden said, albeit stupidly, that paying taxes is patriotic, I truly believe he was onto something. Now, our forefathers would undoubtedly be turning in their graves if they knew the burden most Americans carry when it comes to funding our government. But like it or not, there are certain fundamental services which the government provides that are simply not going to go away.

One that immediately springs to mind is a badass military. We have to have one of those, right? How else can we be expected to continue killing brown people? Seriously, those fuckers had it coming.

Infrastructure is another "necessary evil" the American people must deal with.

There are other pesky lil' things, too. Adoption Assistance, Adoption Tax Credit, Child Care, Child Care Tax Credit, Child Support Enforcement, Children's Health Insurance, College Student Loans and Grants, Crop and Livestock Insurance, Disability Resources, Disaster Assistance for Victims, Dislocated and Laid-Off Worker Assistance, Earned Income Tax Credit, Employment and Training Assistance, Farm Ownership and Operating Loans, Federal Retiree Benefits, Food Assistance – Child Nutrition; Food Distribution; Women, Infants, and Children, Food Stamp Program, Government Benefits (nice and vague!), Government Jobs (as is this), Government Online Services, Government Sales and Auctions,, – Find and Apply for Government Grants, Head Start Program, Home Mortgage and Housing Assistance, Home Rental Assistance, Human Trafficking – Assistance Available to Victims of Human Trafficking, Legal Assistance, Loans for Agriculture, Business, Disaster Relief, Education, Housing, and Veterans through, Low Income Home Energy (Heating and Cooling) Assistance, Medicaid, Medicare, Medicare Prescription Drug Plan, Mortgage Assistance Programs, Native American Benefits, Pension Insurance and Benefit Guaranties, Railroad Retirement, Disability, and Unemployment Benefits, Refugee Resettlement Programs, Renter's Assistance, Runaway Youth National Switchboard to Call for Help, Rural Assistance Center for Health and Human Services, School Lunch and Breakfast, Senior Citizen Community Service Employment Program, Small Business Financial Assistance, Social Security (kind of a big one), Student Financial Aid and Scholarships, Student Grants for Study Overseas, Student Loan Consolidation, Supplemental Security Income, Tax Counseling for the Elderly, Telephone Assistance Programs for Low-Income Households, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (Welfare), Unemployment Insurance (fucking Socialists!), Vaccines for Children, Veterans' Benefits (fucking Socialists!), Weatherization Assistance, and Youth Education and Training Assistance.

Those were just the programs it took me 10 seconds to find on the interwebs.

The point is, we can't just keep asking China to pay for all of this nonsense. So, when Joe Biden said what he said, can you kind of see where he was coming from? No, you can't because you are completely close minded and that's why I want to quit.

Listen, knucklehead. I understand that NO ONE wants to have their taxes raised. It totally sucks. But we also cannot continue to carry the enormous deficit ($9,664,631,803,259.07 - I just pulled that number off the Treasury Dept. website) we have accumulated under our current president. Believe it or not, there will be dire consequences if we don't get rid off it.

Sometimes this country reminds me of the Trump Tower. When you walk into the lobby, you can tell right away that a whole lot of money was poured into it's construction, but it was spent on all the wrong things. Who needs gold leaf toilet seats?

That's called a non-sequitur. Clever, huh?

Let me bottom line this for you - there is no such thing as a tax and spend liberal. OK? There are only tax and spend politicians! It's their job. Here's another thing I heard that really bothered the shit out of me.

"I will definitely not vote for Obama because he's going to shrink the military."

Yeah, I'm in the military and guess what? Where I work, we have about 500 too many people. Go for it, you crazy Muslim bitch! Go for it!!!

Speaking of Barack HUSSEIN Obama's very clear Muslim beliefs, please click this link to see some truly ignorant stuff. Trust me, it is really great!

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