Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Cursed World -or- Why Freedom Really Is Free

Soldier, Soldier
Take heed
Your days are numbered and your enemies freed
Freed to decapitate and destroy
Why won't you acknowledge the culinary specialist?
She is the giver of life
She ensures I will not turn into a giant fucking fat ass
A behemoth inheriting the sands of knowledge

I feel I am a failure
i am nothing and i am so, so small and i
i cower in fear of a god i neither accept nor deny
i simply exist so, congrats on the whole self-awareness thing
you coward

Show yourself! We know?

You made it and you can destroy it but you'd rather watch us carry out the death sentence.

You wear a sweater vest, just like me, because you have a rotund belly and you believe, just like me, that the sweater vest will provide adequate padding to convince those around you that you are not fat. You fat liar. You fat phony, fat hippopotamus, fat talk show host.

So we understand why we bulk up!!! We love to bulk up 'cause the muscles = success. That's your Darwinism at work.

Say, why don't muscles = intelligence? 'Cause we don't get everything. We get what we get. And then you die. And that's sad for your family and friends and spouse. But they learn to pick up the pieces and walk toward the mirage. Cool, clear, crisp water to quench your thirst.

Hydrate and live!!! Hydrate and live!!!

You'll love being a star.

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