Sunday, August 14, 2011

Embrace your fate, which I can assure you is death

Granite-gray skin flanks a silk cut
Seagulls soar toward the sun-kissed sky
While children grieve over tumbling ice cream
While I shuffle through the sea

We know the price of freedom
The great white knows the price of acquiescence
Girls frolic and boys posture
Women sunbathe and men posture

Give away your lifestyle and give away
The sobriety and the serenity
And give away the sanity and reason
They never fit in your shoes

Give away your love to the
Highest bidder because she expects
The ends to justify the long,
Long journey into nowhere

Every three seconds I fantasize and
I cannot stop because I love to imagine
The feeling of your lips on the places
I do not dare expose for fear of penultimate failure

Carve and chisel and time expedites
And the wind and sea ruin me and my
Ego cannot handle what God so desperately

This is why
Why we die
Why we pass away

This is why we unfold
Why we unfurl
Why we
refuse to believe

Summer orange and slip-on sneakers
Pacify my soul and I humbly accept
Your judgment
You are the king of everything
You are the king of nothing

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