Friday, August 6, 2010

The Profound Delusion

Close those eyes, asshole.
Now, enjoy your dream: presented by Kubark and General Dynamics!
Oh, my ... oh my goodness can you believe the way the brown people
dance at the end of their strings? The long, dangling threads of freedom will
liberate you do you not see how we liberate the fucking shit out of you?
Do you refuse to live the dream we project into your brainsoul?

This is a troubling turn of events for the people of the United States. You do
realize they hate your freedom, like totally hate it a whole bunch and stuff.

They they they they are a rare breed of brown people who hate us and they all hate us brown people that is they think you are a cracker devil and your christ is a crazed prophet and your hair is like a salty creature from the depths.

And now awake. And now you turn on the media of your choice and we no longer control the message.

We are not the fourth estate. We are not the sordid truth.
We are the Book of Mormon when
we collect our signatures. We are
a god damn cabal up in this shit. So there.

Bomb bomb bomb bomb. Die die die die. Any white deaths? Bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb.

Any of ours? They are not ours! They are their own and it is that difference that makes all the difference.

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