Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How you are getting fucked -or- Why Obama is failing

Our country is broken. I know this now. The people in power are helpless to fix anything; how can they? Too many special-interest groups have too much to lose ...

Just turn on Fox News and let the insanity wash over you. Rupert Murdoch is selling a product, nothing more. A product, by the way, that the unwashed masses are buying with the voraciousness of a lion ripping into a llama carcass.

The product is cynicism: toward change, toward freedom, toward education, and even toward common sense.

Don't get me wrong: Murdoch is certainly not the only person selling this product, but he is probably the most high profile. Well, with one exception.

Pres. Obama. Yeah.

Sir, you are selling the same product, and God damn if you aren't losing a lot of people along the way. You know, I really believed in you and the "changes" you were going to bring for our new, enlightened, generation.

But not anymore. You're really just another politician, aren't you? Incapable of living up to the extravagant promises you made to get elected. You're no better than ... him ... you know, he who shall not be named.

So, it is with a heavy heart that I officially renounce my affiliation with the Democratic Party, and any party, for that matter. I get it now. You're all the same.

Cynicism FTW.

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  1. Welcome to my political party - None. In the end they (and most of we) are capatalists. It makes me sad that we're so driven by the dollar sign.