Saturday, October 3, 2009

Why people in the military who oppose socialized health care are raging fuckin' hypocrites.

I have a message for all of my brothers and sisters in the military who oppose socialized health care. That message is:

I hope you die defending our country.

Your death would mean you couldn't have any more stupid kids running around and soaking up all of the ignorant bullshit you spew at them. Less stupid people = me smiling.

How the fuck can you have socialized health care and be against it? The answer, I'm afraid, is simple.

You are a raging fuckin' hypocrite.

The best is when someone who has been in the military their entire adult life opposes it. As if they could even comprehend the severity of forging a timid existence in the real world with no health care. I've done it, and it sucks.

And it's scary. It's scary because you could have a rare heart condition that keeps getting misdiagnosed because when the ER docs see you the first thing they think is "Here comes GOMER." (GOMER stands for Get Out of My Emergency Room) They want you gone because you can't afford to be treated.

As long as people's health (or lack thereof) makes other people rich, this country will never be the beacon of freedom it so desperately wishes to be.

America: land of the sick and home of the rich.


  1. Hmm, we don't really have socialozed healthcare in the military. It just so happens that our employer (the military) provides us with healthcare as a benefit for serving. One thing that your average illegal alien or even "middle class" American family doesn't do is risk their lives potentially by going into harm's way. It's not hypocrisy any more than a medical professional receives healthcare from their employer (a hospital). Your argument doesn't hold water. Nice (bullshit) try, though.

  2. That's crazy! Do you know how risky it is to get into this country illegally? Risky enough for free health care, that's for sure!

    Seriously, go to this link and read the words there.

    You have socialized health care. Maybe you think you deserve it more than other people, but you still have it.

  3. And of course I engaged in hyperbole. It's my bread and butter!