Thursday, August 6, 2009

Why U.S. citizens in the 21st century would organize tea parties -or- Idealism run amok

So, the anti-tax tea party. This is what we have devolved to as a society.

I ponder: What exactly are these "Taxed Enough Already" (TEA ... get it? Their abbreviation, not mine) folks hoping to accomplish? Besides yelling at town halls across the country for the next few weeks, that is.

OK, before I go further, check out this link. You too can own a "We are TEA'd" t-shirt or button to spruce up your wardrobe. Jesus, the slogan might as well say "Fuck socialist scum right up the ass!" But I doubt the American Family Association would condone such tomfoolery.

They do, however, condone products like a DVD entitled "It's Not Gay: Former homosexuals tell a story few have heard." I believe that speaks for itself.

Allow me to post some sweet tidbits from their site here.

"Obama and liberals in Congress are taking us down the road to socialism, seizing control of key banks, insurance companies, the automobile industry, etc."

Hey everybody! Do you remember back in Oct. 2008 when Pres. Obama signed the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) into law? You do?!?! Don't you see, that would be impossible. Pres. W was the fella who signed it into law because he was the president in Oct. 2008. Not Obama. W.

Not Obama. W. Not Obama. W. Not Obama. W. Not Obama. W. Not Obama. W. Not Obama. W.

"Obama and Congress continue to spend money the government doesn’t have."

Can anyone guess what the operative word in this sentence is? I'll give you a very big hint. It is the word "continue." This word implies that spending has been occurring for some time. How long of a time we can't be sure. But definitely for a time.

"The liberals are the spawn of Satan and must be destroyed! Kill the liberals!"

Yup, their site actually says that! I swear! Alright, I'm a liar. But guess what? There are customer reviews for the anti-gay DVD they sell!!!!! Let's have a look at some of those, shall we?

1. GL on 6/2/2009, said: I purchased over 10 of these DVDs and want to purchase another 100 of them. You can read my story at WWW.HOPE7.HIGHPOWERSITES.COM God bless the brave men/woman who made this video. I pray they will be at peace until they get to heaven. I hope all become saved and I hope this video reaches young people with the message that it really is NOT GAY!

2. Jeff on 5/11/2009, said: I don't really know what to say. My parents found this DVD documentary and wanted me to see it. Quite simply, the film left me in shock. Afterward, I found out that my mom and dad genuinely believe the material in this film, and my relationship with them has never been quite the same since. I cannot with good conscience recommend this film to anyone. There are much better, honest, truthful ways to counter the gay rights movement than with this.

3. William on 4/8/2009, said: This is a superb, yet short (less than 30 minutes) truth session on what the Gay life style is really like. It is told by mostly ex-gays. The pro-gay movement recently tried to debunk it since one of the main presenters (Johnson) had a relapse (but has since returned to renouncing the gay lifestyle. His relapse only shows how strong of a hold this lifestyle can have on a human. God bless those that put this video together. Everyone who has or knows anyone in this lifestyle should own a copy and play it where and when able.

4. Amanda on 2/23/2009, said: I'm so glad that I purchased this DVD. Thank God their are people out there that are telling the truth a/b this lifestyle. People that have lived it and have now come out of it. All you ever hear is this person or that person is gay. And you see the lifestyle everywhere on T.V. and in everyday life. I did not realize how many do come out of this awful situation. I have even more faith and hope that my son will refuse to live this destructive path. I also, recommend Richard Cohan's CD Series called Gay Children, Straight Parents(a plan for family healing). It has also, been very helpful to my husband & I as we have been seeking the truth and healing for our son. PEOPLE- WE MUST PRAY,PRAY,PRAY for our children.

5. Shirley on 10/15/2008, said: Thank God we have a few brave souls that will tell the truth.

6. Melanie on 3/4/2008, said: I bought this film in VHS form many years ago. Then to my shock and dismay, my son, professed that he is Gay. I purchased it again in DVD form, 2, one for me and one for him. I strongly believe everyone should see this film, it is the truth about being Gay. It is very well done and very informative.

Jeff (number 2 on the list) seems reasonable. Melanie (number 6) is a cunt. Hey, how do you think her relationship with her son is working out?

These are real people. They are among us. They think the founding fathers would be proud of their actions. They don't understand the phrase "taxation without representation."

They think being gay is a choice; a mistake a person can make. They can't believe their God could create something SO DISGUSTING! Don't they know God creates plenty of disgusting things? Don't they own mirrors?

Coming soon: Why people in the military who oppose socialized health care are raging fuckin' hypocrites.

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