Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Pope broke his wrist

Do you think Jesus had Italian fashion designers create his daily ensembles? I'd like to think so. I mean, only the best for the "Son of God," am I right?

Practice what you preach, Padre. Maybe the broken wrist is a sign ... you know, for being a Nazi and stuff. If you forced me to guess, I'd say God was paying pretty close attention to the planet Earth during the late 1930s - early 1940s.

Then again, if a broken wrist is God's payback for the holocaust, maybe God is a kind of a dick. Or maybe it's not payback at all. Maybe it's just the random chaos of the universe playing out like always.

Or maybe "God works in mysterious ways." I've always liked that one. You know who else works in mysterious ways? Charles Manson. That's good company. Well played, God.

Nice red hat, by the way. How many poor people do you think you feed from it if you filled it up with some food?

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