Wednesday, December 17, 2008

An olive branch

Why should I let my petty indifference to other people's emotions and sensibilities cloud my own reasoning in terms of writing what I believe? Why should I continue to mercilessly shred the psychosomatic disinformation machine that persists in spite of the mind's inherant desire to shut down and ignore? Why should I ignite hatred and spite where once it only sparked like a broken Zippo? Why should I continue to write words that serve no ultimate purpose and matter only to those who already know the truth they impart?

Because I care.

I am so full of love and devotion for my fellow human beings that I would be doing them and myself a disservice by not tapping away at the black plastic board that has seemingly become the Danny Glover to my Mel Gibson.

They say we can't change the way a human being thinks. I say they're wrong. My words move people to anger. I changed the way they felt. See?
Most people react to their environment. They wait for things to happen and then they respond accordingly. These people are lost. They need help.

A few people dictate the environment around them. They create love or pain or chaos or serenity. These people are leaders. They need to help.

Our culture is no longer drifting into oblivion; it is in a full-blown freefall.

The answer is anger. Full-blown anger.

Tell someone exactly what you think of them. They will hate you because you will be the mirror they refuse to look into when they're home alone.

What is safety? Can we be safe? Isn't it just an illusion?

What is money? What is love? What is pain? What is meaning? What is indifference? Do you even care?

Ask them these questions. Hell, ask yourself these questions. Do it because you care. Do it because it's right.

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